Wedding Gowns

Wedding Gowns

Wedding Gowns

At Today’s Bride, we carry a wide array of styles – from informal looks for the more casual or destination wedding, Hot Off The Runway trends, vintage designs to classic princess ball gowns.

…And the choices of colors for a wedding dress today goes way beyond the days of just white and ivory; colors such as diamond white, light gold, alabaster, oyster, blush, blue, and silver have made a presence down the aisle and Today’s Brides can offer those choices.  We know that the differences in the shades are often subtle, but the skin tone of a bride can really set one dress apart from the other – it’s just a matter trying on the dress to see what works and we are here to help.

Likewise, being able to carry sizes other than the standard size 6 goes a long way to making sure our brides have a rewarding and fruitful visit.  We know that brides come in all shapes and sizes, and each bridge deserves the benefit of seeing how a gown is going to present on their body before they make their purchase.

At Today’s Bride, we are here to offer the customized service and products you deserve for your special day.  Come by and see for yourself the quality and service of Today’s Bride.


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